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Université de Bordeaux
Cluster SysNumCluster of Excellence
Cluster of excellence


The SysNum cluster aims to develop top level research on the next generation of digital interconnected systems, going from sensor design to the decision processes. The project is divided into 4 methodological work packages and three transversal packages focused on providing demonstrators and on engineering applications.

Each of the 4 methodological work packages contains several tasks at the interface of mathematics, computer science and engineering:

  • WP1 Complex Systems and Interconnected Objects;
  • WP2 Safety and Reliability;
  • WP3 Modelling, Computing and Simulating;
  • WP4 Massive and Heterogeneous Data.

The transverse work packages are aimed to develop various synergies between the methodological work packages in an engineering context of high interest at the regional, national or international level. These work packages are

  • WP5 Digital Ecological systems
  • WP6 Smart Campus
  • WP7 Robotics and drones

and they will provide experimental validation, proof of concept and demonstrators for the methodologies developed within the cluster.