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Université de Bordeaux
Cluster SysNumCluster of Excellence
Cluster of excellence


SysNum Seminars
Seminars concerning specific topics but of the interest of a large part of the Community (more than two laboratories or partners).
They can take place in several formats:
• Half-day or one-day workshop
• Seminar series with lectures of about 1 hour
• One-hour conference

In particular, “Seminars on the assessment and perspectives of transversal WPs” will present the works in progress and the issues encountered in setting up the platforms with the objective to interact and collaborate with other methodological WPs.

SysNum Related Seminars
Seminars or Working Groups concerning SysNum themes already existing inside the laboratories, provided that they occasionally or systematically involve significant part of the SysNum Community.

SysNum Colloquium:
A leading expert on topics of general interest is invited to make a presentation addressed to the whole SysNum Community.

SysNum Scientific Days
Annual workshop  devoted to progress made during the previous year in the framework of the SysNum cluster and to the description of scientific perspectives for the years to comeIt takes place at the same time of the Scientific Advisory Board meeting.

General Assembly will take place one or two times in a year and is the opportunity of a discussion opened towards the whole Community concerning the achievements, the governance and the evolution of the SysNum Cluster .