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SysNum Seminar: Prof. John A. Burns - May 15th 2018 -11h15 - IMB

le 15/05 de 11h15 at 12h
Last update Tuesday 29 May 2018

Prof. John A. Burns will give the talk ''Mathematical and Computational Challenges in Control, Optimization and Design of Efficient Buildings" on Tuesday May 15th 2018  at IMB in the SysNum Seminar “Ecological buildings: modeling, analysis, computational and control theoretic challenges”.

John A. Burns is the Hatcher Professor of Mathematics in the Virginia Tech Department of Mathematics and a member of the Interdisciplinary Center for Applied Mathematics. He is a Fellow of the IEEE and SIAM.

Research Interests: Distributed Parameter Control; Approximation, Control, Identification and Optimization of Functional and Partial Differential Equations; Aero-elastic Control Systems; Fluid/Structural and Thermal-Fluid Control Systems; Smart Materials; Optimal Design; Sensitivity Analysis.



John A. Burns est un spécialiste largement reconnu dans des domaines comme : Contrôle de systèmes distribués, Approximation, Contrôle, Identification et Optimisation de EDP et des équations fonctionnelles, Contrôle en aéroélasticité, interactions contrôlé thermique-fluide-structure, matériaux intelligents, optimal design, analyse de sensitivité.


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