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I2M/SysNum Course: Pr. Jie Shen from Purdue University - Monday January 06th - 2pm at Amphi H de l'ENSEIRB-MATMECA

le 06/01 at 14h
Last update Friday 13 December 2019

Professor Jie SHEN from  Purdue University will give a course entitled

Efficient and accurate numerical methods for phase field models. 

The course will take place on Monday, January 06th at 2pm at  Amphi H de l'ENSEIRB-MATMECA

Professor Jie Shen will present a general framework to construct efficient and accurate numerical methods for  some popular phase field models, including in particular Allen-Cahn equations, Cahn-Hilliard equations, Navier-Stokes Cahn-Hilliard system for two phase  incompressible flows, etc.

The course will be followed by the workshop Phase-field : Recent advances on phase-field models and simulations on January 07-08-09 at amphi H of ENSEIRB-MATMECA.

Contact: Mejdi Azaiez

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