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Meghyn Bienvenu HDR Defense - December 9th 2019 - 14h Amphitheatre LaBRI Bât A30Cluster SysNumle Monday 09 December 2019 to 14h

Meghyn Bienvenu , CNRS researcher at LaBRI, defends her HDR on Monday 9th December at 14h in the amphitheatre with the presentation entitled " Ontology-Mediated Query Answering: Exploiting Knowledge to Get More From Data ", which will provide an overview of her research on using structured knowledge provided by ontologies and logical reasoning to improve data access. She is also organizing a...

NewsThursday 21 November 2019 by BERNI Emanuela.
SysNum Seminar: Bertrand Iooss, EDF R&D - 3 décembre 2019 10h50, Salle des Conférences IMB Bât A33Cluster SysNumle Tuesday 03 December 2019 to 10h50

Dans le cadre de l' Assemblée Générale de SysNum , nous avons l'honeur d'accueillir Bertrand Iooss, EDF R&D Méthodes d’exploration statistique de modèles numériques coûteux et applications à des problèmes d’ingénierie 3 décembre 2019 à 10H50 Salle des Conférences, IMB Bât A33 Bertrand Iooss est Chercheur senior à EDF R&D Chatou, Département PRISME (Performance, Risque Industriel, Surveillance...

NewsTuesday 19 November 2019 by BERNI Emanuela.
Séminaire IMS: Conférence d'Olivier Seller, Semtech- 26 novembre 2019 , 14 h Amphithéâtre Jean-Paul Dom, Bât A31 IMSCluster SysNumle Tuesday 26 November 2019

Le mardi 26 novembre, l'IMS accueilli Olivier Seller, co-inventeur de la technique de communication numérique LoRa . Il présentera How much orthogonal are LoRa Spreading Factors ? de 14h à 15h à l’amphithéâtre Jean-Paul Dom, Bât A31 Olivier Seller is Technical Fellow, wireless IP at Semtech. He joined Semtech in 2012 following the acquisition of Cycleo, the LoRa start-up, which he co-founded....

NewsSunday 17 November 2019 by BERNI Emanuela.
Visiting Scholar IPCV: Master class -- Bayesian computation -- Marcelo Pereyra, Heriot-Watt University -- 09-10-11 décembre 2019Cluster SysNumfrom Monday 09 December 2019 to Wednesday 11 December 2019

Nous avons l'honeur de recevoir Marcelo Pereyra de la Heriot-Watt University en tant que "Visiting Scholar" dans le cadre du Master IPCV . Il donnera trois leçons intitulées "Cutting-edge Bayesian computation approaches for performing statistical inference and learning in very high-dimensional imaging inverse problems for computer vision". Elle sont largement ouvertes à tous et auront lieu au...

NewsSunday 17 November 2019 by BERNI Emanuela.
Bordeaux INPCluster SysNumTuesday 06 February 2018 by BERNI Emanuela. Last update Friday 23 August 2019
Seminar Ha Quang Minh, RIKEN Center for Advanced Intelligence Project of Tokyo - July 10th 2019 - Amphithéâtre Jean-Paul DOM, IMS (bâtiment A31)Cluster SysNumle Wednesday 10 July 2019 from 11h to 12h

We are honoured to annonce the seminar of Ha Quang Minh, RIKEN Center for Advanced Intelligence Project of Tokyo “ Covariance matrices and covariance operators in machine learning and applications a geometrical framework ” Wednesday July 10th at 11h00 Amphithéâtre Jean-Paul DOM IMS Bâtiment A31 Ha Quang Minh , RIKEN Center for Advanced Intelligence Project de Tokyo Abstract : Symmetric...

NewsThursday 30 May 2019 by BERNI Emanuela. Last update Tuesday 09 July 2019