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Université de Bordeaux
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WP7. Robotics and drones

Work package leader Hugo GIMBERT, LaBRI

Drones, robots and robots are used in an increasing number of economic (agriculture, industry, surveillance) and social (assistance, security) contexts. The degree of autonomy varies from systems operated by a remote controller to a collection of autonomous entities (drones fleet, humanoid robots team) programmed to perform their tasks in a fully autonomous way. Such a degree of autonomy requires to handle a complex control loop, from data acquisition to optimal decision making and finally action execution. In the short run, WP11 aims at tackling the challenge of designing autonomous systems in a very effective and application driven way. In particular, the design of demonstrators and participation to competitions like the ROBOCUP (http://www.robocup.org) ,  are central in our project. In the long run, WP7 aims at contributing to the development of autonomous factories, where humans and machines cooperate together.

The main goal of the work package will be to keep developping the emerging autonomous robots platform, in particular three aspects:

  • developing a synthetic skin of the humanoid robots in order to optimize the locomotion of these robots and ease contacts with human operators (cobots) (in relation with WP3)
  • enriching the perception of the robots with 3D-multimodal data (in relation with WP4)
  • optimizing the behavior of robots collaborating as a theme (in relation with T1.3).