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Université de Bordeaux
Cluster SysNumCluster of Excellence
Cluster of excellence

WP6. Smart Campus

Work package leader Guillaume Ferré, IMS

The main aims of this work package is to establish a sensor network within the buildings of the University of Bordeaux, to develop the mathematical and numerical tools in order to optimize the efficiency of their deployment and to tackle the huge amount of information they will deliver. These sensors should be autonomous and are dedicated to energy monitoring and management as well as to building/room occupancy monitoring. Indoor comfort such as thermal, visual and air quality will also be assessed. This work is of particular interest to the platform PILPSE of the University of Bordeaux which is in charge of 290 buildings, 20000 rooms with a global indoor area of 550 000 m2. To use the obtained information an efficient manner it will be essential to develop new mathematical tools, able to simulate and to control complex phenomena such as heat or light propagation, convection or fluid flow at the scale of a large building or of a whole campus.

The deployment of this transverse work package is aimed to include methods of results from almost all the methodological work packages, with emphasis on