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Université de Bordeaux
Cluster SysNumCluster of Excellence
Cluster of excellence

WP5. Digital Ecological systems

Work package leader: Bedr'Eddine AINSEBA, IMB

The general aim is developing tools in order to simulate, identify parameters and control ecological systems, with emphasis on environmental and economic issues which are particularly relevant for the Nouvelle Aquitaine region.

We think, in particular, to systems coming from agriculture (mainly sustainable vineyard) or from the interaction of ocean waves with natural media (beaches, for instance) or with energy producing devices.
An important objective is to model the evolutionary epidemiology of plant disease, in particular of vineyard, in order to manage the durability of resistance and decrease pesticide use. From a basic perspective, the project will contribute to develop mathematical tools finely describing the evolutionary epidemiology dynamics. To make these methods effective, it is essential to have the capacity to measure a large number of parameters (such as the evolution of temperature, humidity or aspect of each plant). This requires the deployment of a reliable network of sensors and the and of various imaging techniques (including the use of drones).

On the other hand, the density of population in coastal regions has increased considerably in recent years, and this tendency is expected to accelerate in the near future. Extreme marine events, such as tsunamis or storm waves, have therefore stronger and stronger consequences at the societal, environmental, and economic levels. It is therefore essential to have efficient tools to predict and simulate extreme waves and their impact on the coastal regions. Our goal is to develop on the long term a multidisciplinary research effort, with the relevant academic and non-academic regional partners to study the propagation of waves and their impact on the coast (submersion, erosion, evolution of the coastline, damages on structures). Another application of the tools we intend to develop is the field of Marine Renewable Energies. For this question, we will strengthen partnerships with academic and non-academic actors from the Basque Autonomous Community where considerable research efforts are pursued in this area.

The main methodological contributions to be applied within transverse work package should come from