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Workshop LaBRI:  "Learning and Verification day" - Lundi 13 janvier 2020, Amphitéâtre LaBRI Bât. A30

le Monday 13 January 2020 from 09h30 to 17h
Last update Wednesday 08 January 2020

Workshop "Learning and Verification day"
co-organisé par Nathanaël Fijalkow (LaBRI) et  Alexandra Silva (UCL) et soutenu par la bourse CNRS Momentum DeepSynth.
Lundi 13 janvier 2020, Amphitéâtre LaBRI Bât. A30

Les membres de la Communauté SysNum intéressés sont invités à participer à ce workshop.
Contact : "Nathanaël Fijalkow



9:30–10:30 Synthesis

9h00 - 9h30 Guillaume Lagarde (LaBRI)
Search algorithms for program synthesis

10h00 - 10h30 Loïc Paulevé (LaBRI)
Synthesis of Boolean Networks from Structural and Dynamical Properties

10:30–11:00 Coffee break

11:00–12:00 Automata

11h00 - 11h30 Gerco van Heerdt (UCL)
Learning Weighted Automata over Principal Ideal Domains

11h30 - 12h00 Pierre Ganty (IMDEA Software Institute)
Deciding language inclusion problems using quasiorders


14:00–15:00 Verification of Neural Networks I

14:00 - 14h30 Borja Balle (Deepmind)
A framework for robustness certification of smoothed classifiers using f-divergences

14h30 -15h00 Nathanaël Fijalkow (LaBRI)
Specifying Global Robustness using Generative Models

15:30–16:00 Coffee break

16:00–17:00 Perspectives

16h00 - 16h30 Benedikt Bollig (LSV, Saclay)
From automata learning to neural networks

16h30 - 17h00 Benjamin Kaminksi (UCL)
What I expect from machine learning in verification

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